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PM Modi addicted to one-liners, acronyms and jumlas: Congress


New Delhi [India], Feb. 7 (ANI): Taking a dig at Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s reply to the Motion of Thanks on President’s address in the Lok Sabha, the Congress on Tuesday said the former is addicted to one-liners, acronyms and jumlas.

“I am very sorry to hear this that no less than the Prime Minister of the world’s second largest democracy and second most populous nation is addicted to one-liners, acronyms and jumlas. He cannot get rid of this addiction. He trivialises mild words in English language. He trivialises a natural calamity like an earthquake,” Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi told ANI.

Escalating his attack on the Prime Minister, Singhvi said the former is frustrated and frightened especially after demonetisation.

“He is obviously frustrated and frightened especially after demonetisation that he sees Rahul Gandhi in earthquake. But this is not befitting a Prime Minister,’ he added.

The Congress spokesperson further said that the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is desperate and panicked.

“Clearly, he is frightened about the impending results. Clearly, the party he represents is desperate. They are now finding a Rahul Gandhi in every tree, in every bush which I think shows the state of panic of the Prime Minister and his party,” he added.

The Prime Minister has said it is high time to understand and appreciate the inherent strength of India’s people and take the country to newer heights.

Prime Minister Modi said there is a need to repose faith in ‘Jan Shakti’.

He said because of democratic power of people, a person born to a poor family could become the Prime Minister of India.

Coming down heavily on Congress, the Prime Minister said everyone remembers how democracy was under threat from 1975 to 1977, when opposition leaders were jailed and newspaper freedom was curtailed.

The Prime Minister said, “There are many people like him those who are born post independence, who could not die for the nation during the freedom struggle, but are living for India and serving the country. The Congress feels only one family got Independence for India and the root of the problem lies there.”

The Prime Minister also asked the opposition party why the Benami law passed during former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi's tenure in 1988 was not notified for 26 years.

He said today everyone should join hands to develop India and take the country to newer heights.

On implementation of demonetisation process, the Prime Minister said the government was always ready for the discussion on the issue but the opposition was only interested in TV bytes and not debates.

The Prime Minister the decision on demonetisation is a movement to clean India from corruption and black money.

He said the timing for the implementation of the decision was right as the economy was doing well.

He said his government do not see everything from the prism of elections and the interests of the nation are supreme for it.

“Now, middlemen no longer enjoy the benefits they did and the government has stopped the corruption and loot,” he added.

Calling for holding simultaneous elections to lok Sabha and the State legislative assemblies, Prime Minister Modi said political parties must think over it.

He said it will help in managing expenditure.

The Prime Minister expressed surprise that there were some who made cleanliness also a political issue.

He called upon the people to work together on ushering a Swachh Bharat.

Referring to yesterday’s earthquake, he said, said the Centre is monitoring the situation. (ANI)

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